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DIFC (Danang International Fireworks Competition)

We are the team that responsible for the technical production of DIFC for the passed 6 years since 2008. DIFC has been acknowledged as one of the world’s most prestigious fireworks competitions. It is the hosted by the People’s Committee of Danang every year on the 29th and 30thof April. Our technical team had helped to produce and organise the event continuously for the past six years.
Here are our friends of the past Teams participated in DIFCs.
  • Danang Military Team (Vietnam)
  • David Whyshall Fireworks (Canada)
  • Pyromagic (Hong Kong)
  • Dancing Fireworks (China)
  • Zambelli Fireworks (Spain)
  • Howard & Sons (Australia)
  • JCO (France)
  • Pyrotechnico (USA)
  • Tamaya Kitahara (Japan)
  • Hanwa Fireworks (Sounth Korea)
  • Jubilee Fireworks (UK)
  • Panda Fireworks (China)
  • Grupo Luso Pyrotecnia (Portugal)
  • Melrose Pyrotechnic (USA)
  • Parante (Italy)
  • Centre of Fireworks Khan (Russia)
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