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Pyrotechnic Display

Will your event live up to expectations or surpass them? Superior productions call for brilliant special effects. Make any event in practically any venue more exciting with the use of close proximity indoor pyrotechnics. No matter how big or small your event, you’ll find that Red Flame Special Effects can execute an affordable idea for your "Wow!" moment.

No effect is more important than your guests’ safety. Red Flame’s highly-trained professional designers and technicians know their products on pyrotechnic show, search the world for the safest in special effects product, and work closely with venue staff and security to ensure your guests will not just be thrilled but also stay safe. We are using the best pyrotechnic material from Le Maitre, UK, Ultratec, USA, RES Pyrotechnic, USA and Santore, USA.

Concept to clean-up, Red Flame Special Effects takes care of everything and leaves nothing to chance. A huge amount of experience, know-how and creativity come with every effect we design; clients can rest assured that the special effects will be amazing!

Some of the common pyrotechnic show effects are:

Gerb, Fountain, Silver Jet, Rocket, Wheel, Airburst, Flame, Fireball, Mines, Comet, Ice Fountain and Flash

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Pyrotechnic Show

Featuring widest range of pyrotechnic products supply from 5 leading companies in US, UK and Australia.

Le Maitre Pyrotechnic, UK Santore & Sons, US Ultratec Special Effects, US RES Specialty Pyrotechnic, US Howard & Sons, Australia

Using sophisticated State-of-the-Art FireOne 'Digital Time Code' computer firing system. Synchronise music, lighting & laser to pyrotechnics effects. Also US's PYROMATE firing equipment to ensure precision and safety. These system are able to be used for aerial or indoor pyrotechnic displays

Type of Pyrotechnic Effects

Gerbs Mine Comet Crossette Waterfall Saxon Wheels & Others

- Airburst
- Silver Lace
- Fountain
- Smoke
- Concussion
- Tiger Tail
- Flare
- Mini
- Confetti
- Flame Projector Parachutes