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Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival (SIMFF)

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  • Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival (SIMFF) is organized by the Shanghai Tourism Board consecutively for 13 years since 2000. (further detail:
  • Every year from 30/9 till 6/10 hundreds of thousands of visitors buy tickets to witness the actonishing and yet breathtaking  pyromusical displays performed by both international and local teams.
  • As this is the Golden Week (National Day of China is 1 Oct) of Chinese people, the number of tourists that flock to Shanghai will be tremendous.
  • Only local best teams (about 6 teams from the whole of China) are allowed to take part.
  • International teams are carefully assessed and selected to participate. Among the countries that took part before are: USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, Australia and many more.
  • This year in 2013, our Company has managed to secure a place to perform in this prestigious fireworks event.
  • This is the first time a Malaysian company takes part in SIMFF (in fact in the whole of china).
  • We will perform in the opening show on the 30/9/2013.
This is a very proud and honorable moment for a Malaysian company to have this achievement.