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At Red Flame Special Effects, we don’t just create fireworks; we craft moments that resonate with your emotions. We take pride in being a leading firework pyrotechnics supplier in Malaysia, and our commitment goes beyond merely providing a service—it’s about establishing a personal connection. We meticulously customize our fireworks and display services to align with your desires, ensuring that each event reflects your vision.

Step into the extraordinary with us as we combine advanced technology with artistic skill. Your events are not just gatherings; they become unforgettable shows that impact your heart. Whether it’s the magic of a beautiful wedding, the grand celebration of an event or even a fireworks competition, we make every moment unique. Our displays go beyond the usual, lighting up the sky with stunning visuals that create lasting memories for everyone.

Our dedication doesn’t end with the event; it’s about creating moments that stay in your memories and sharing stories of joy and magic. Red Flame’s expertise shines in organizing unique weddings and grand events. Each burst of color and sparkle tells a fantastic story, adding a touch of magic to your special day.

Join us to turn your occasions into something truly brilliant. Make your moments extraordinary with the personal touch of Red Flame Special Effects! Our services cover a variety of options:

About Us
  • Our operation is officially licensed by the government thus totally legal.
  • We’re a one-stop service for design, installation and performances.
  • Safety is our priority and we ensure all our operations are 100% safe.
  • We are very experienced, having served over 1000 clients.

Our Projects

  • Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival
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  • Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival
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