While many fireworks display companies can shoot off shells, it’s rare that they can produce a fireworks show that synchronise with music. This type of display is termed Pyromuscial and it is becoming more popular worldwide. Clients now favour Pyromuscials as they really create different levels of excitement and entertainment. Pyromuscial is simply different! So why go for the ordinary?

We are using state-of-the-art FireOne Firing System from USA. FireOne is the world’s most advanced digital fireworks firing system and choreography system.

There is a synergy that fuses musical production with technical artistry to build a full-blown pyromusical event. Our soundtrack artist is a versatile music aficionado, ready to listen to your tastes and custom-build a show around your theme. Our fireworks display choreographers specify the perfect companion effects and timing to build entertainment that defies imagination. We choreograph every sound and shell to create the look and feel you envision for your spectators.