Red Flame Special Effects is the firework pyrotechnics supplier that offers a full range of pyrotechnic and fireworks display services tailored to your requirement. Our company team travels the world seeking leading-edge technologies, and our pyrotechnicians undergo rigorous state-of-the art training to ensure an awesome experience for your event.

We’ve been designing fireworks shows, and searching the world for the latest in pyrotechnic innovations. That experience puts dramatic impact and new surprises in every display we produce. From Merdeka celebrations to wedding reception fireworks, product launches to anniversary celebrations, corporate meetings to New Year Countdowns, we leave audiences in many different venues breathless with delight.

Being a fireworks manufacturer ourselves, we are able to design and custom-make our products to suit the requirement of our wide range of clients and to meet the most stringent safety requirement throughout Malaysia and Asia region.

  • Our operation is officially licensed by the government thus totally legal.
  • We’re a one-stop service for design, installation and performances.
  • Safety is our priority and we ensure all our operations are 100% safe.
  • We are very experienced, having served over 1000 clients.